• For business, men should wear a lightweight suit or slacks and a jacket, white shirt and tie, women should wear plain, conservative dresses or suits. Women should not wear black dresses, a color the Thais reserve for funerals or mourning.
  • Dress for success. Thais are impressed with a neat appearance and refined.
  • In casual settings, men should wear slacks and shirts, with or without ties; women should wear light dresses or skirts and blouses. Shorts-sleeved blouses are acceptable, but sleeveless ones are not. Both sexes may wear jeans (but may find them too hot). Shorts are acceptable on the streets, but not in the temples.
  • Men should wear traditional summer formal attire for formal occassions white jacket, black pants, a black tie; women should wear long dresses. Black is acceptable to wear at a formal event if it is accented with color.
  • Be certain to wear modest clothing when you visit temples-no shorts. It is also advisable to wear old or inexpensive shoes when visiting temples. You must remove them before entering, and once in a while they may be stolen.
  • Never wear rubber thongs on the street; they are considered very low-class.

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