Business Entertaining

  • Never finish the last bit of food in a serving dish. Wait until it is offered to you and then refuse politely the first time. When it is offered again, accept; it is considered an honor to have the last bit of food.
  • To entertain a small group, take them to an excellent restaurant in a prestigious hotel. For a large group, arrange a buffer supper. Always include Thai wives in business dinners.
  • Expect to eat with Western – style forks and spoons. Keep the fork in the left hand and the spoon in the right (reverse this if you are left – handed). Cut with the side of the spoon, not the fork. Use the fork to push food onto the spoon.
  • Drink tea or beer with meals. Drink water only if you have seen it being poured from bottle.
  • Many Thais smoke after dinner, but do not be the first to light up. Always pass cigarettes around to the men at the table. Although traditional Thai women do not smoke or drink in public, it is acceptable for Western women to do so.

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